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Strategy Workshops for Future Direction

Strategy workshops are common practice in many organisations, taking time out to think about and develop the future.  However no matter the energy and time put into these programmes, the end result can often be inaction, inertia and disengagement by employees.

Strategy workshops not only bring all levels together on a single journey but they can also bring an amazing alignment vertically and horizontally within the organisation.  Strategy workshops can be high-risk ventures, however the benefits can be enormous in terms of engagement, innovation and collaboration.

ProAssign ACT™ StrategyWorks is a unique programme using behavioural & cognitive strategies to unleash the creative and innovative thinking at all levels of your organisation.

Importantly, we work with you to create greater engagement, ‘buy-in’ into the strategy and a greater alignment at all levels of the organisation between individual and organisational goals.

Who is ProAssign ACT™  StrategyWorks for?

  • Management Boards
  • Directors
  • Middle Managers
  • In fact, anyone that can impact on Strategy in an Organisation

How long is StrategyWorks for?

  • 2 or 3 Days
  • Review Days at 3 and 6 months
  • Bespoke for Individual Organisations

What is StrategyWorks about?

  • Call to Action at all levels of the organisation
  • Unleashing Innovation, Collaboration & Engagement
  • Alignment of Self-Strategies with Organisation Strategies
  • Analysis through to Engagement & Review
  • Opportunity to use unique Graphic Facilitation

What Outcomes can I expect from StrategyWorks?

  • New & Effective ways of Thinking
  • Move towards being seen as a Learning Organisation
  • Improved Conflict Resolution in Innovation Teams
  • Strategy Memory through Graphic Facilitation

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