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Innovation Mindset Training & Facilitation

Innovation can be seen as a parallel step for growth, along with areas such as cost-reduction and business-process re-engineering.  Organisations know that innovation is essential for survival, however many do not know how to manage innovation successfully.

Innovation is about creativity, thinking differently and supported by effective leadership-management.  It is about bringing teams to the right mind-set and finding ways to lead hearts and minds in support of the ‘innovative idea’.

Developing skills such as effective communication, resilience, problem-solving, emotional intelligence and skills in areas such as collaboration, motivation and critical thinking help to make innovation more effective and durable.

ProAssign ACT INNOV8 shows how training and facilitation for Innovation can provide substantial benefits to a range of creative people and help them to drive the organisation’s competitive edge into the future.

Who is ProAssign Innov8 for?

  • Individuals & Organisations involved with or looking for Innovation
  • Multi-Disciplinary Innovation Teams
  • Public & Private Sectors
  • Think-Tanks

 How long is ProAct Innov8 for?

  • 1 or 2 Days
  • Optional Organisation Scenario Facilitation Day
  • Bespoke for Individual Organisations

 What is ProAct Innov8 about?

  • Understanding how the Brain & Behaviour work in Innovation
  • Development of Collaborative Mindset
  • Creation of Communication Mindset
  • Integration of Mindset & Process in Innovation

 What Outcomes can I expect?

  • New & Effective ways of Thinking
  • Move towards being seen as a Learning Organisation
  • Improved Conflict Resolution in Innovation Teams
  • Increased Confidence in Innovation success

Cognitions Assessment, Training & Coaching programmes are specialised bespoke services and  tailored to the specific objectives of your organisation. They are facilitated and delivered by experienced national & international partners & associates with extensive experience in C-Level roles, Human Resources, Sales & Marketing, Product & Research & Development and Business Psychology.

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